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Zusetsu Sengoku no Kassen

Illustrated Battles of the Sengoku

ShinJinbutsuOurai Company, 1999. P. 74. Printed in Japan


The Battle of Nagaragawa, 1556


The Dosan and Yoshitatsu armies were positioned on opposite sides of the Nagara River. On April 20th, 8AM, hour of the dragon, the army of Yoshitatsu made the first move. In answer to this, Dosan's army came down Tsuru Mountain to the Nagara River. Takekoshi Dojin of Yoshitatsu's army made the first attack of the battle. He crossed the Nagara River, and slashed his way close to Dosan's headquarters. However, in a sudden shift of the battle's momentum, Dosan's army rallied and savaged Dojin's unit.

Yoshitatsu responded by personally leading a large army across the Nagara River and fierce fighting ensued. In the midst of the confused struggle, Nagai Tadasaemon (of Yoshitatsu's army) led a group of men in an attempt to capture Dosan alive, however, at the same time, another of Yoshitatsu's men, Komaki Genta raced forward, and turned the tide of the battle by taking Dosan's head. Dosan was 63 years old at his death.