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Kojima Yatarô

Rekishi Gunzô Series #50 - Sengoku Kassen Taizen (part 1)

The book of Sengoku Battles, #50, Book 1

GAKKEN, 1998, P.113



The Unshakable Ogre

It is said that Kojima Yatarô was a trusted vassal of Uesugi Kenshin since Kenshin was an infant child. Kojima was said to be a very tall man, over six feet, and of strong constitution. He was known as Oni [Ogre] Kojima, and was feared by the neighboring clans.

At the battle of Kawanakajima, as Kenshin's army took up positions against the Takeda, Yatarô was sent to Shingen as a messenger. In the middle of relaying his message he was set upon by a fierce dog. Shingen had purposefully set the dog on him. Contrary to Shingen's expectations, however, Yatarô unflinchingly caught the dog with his right hand, and finished giving shingen the message. He listened to Shingen's reply, said 'that is all', and as he was leaving, he drove the dog's head into the earth. The dog died in the dirt, bleeding from its eyes, nose and mouth. Yatarô gave this a contemptuous glance, and calmly left.