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Sengoku 79 busho - Bijuaru Dêta Yôran

79 Sengoku Generals - Visual Data Handbook

Published in Japan, 1995, P.25



The Nobleman Who Stepped on the Lion's Tail

Imagawa Yoshimoto was the third son of the head of the Imagawa clan.

In the sixth year of Tenbun (1537), in order to dissolve the opposition of the Takeda clan of Kai, he took a woman (apparently the sister of Takeda Nobutora) of Takeda Nobutora as his wife. Because of this, relations with the Hojo clan took a turn for the worse. However, over the next 23 years, the Imagawa would come to rule over both the Hojo and the Takeda, bringing under their power Suruga, Totomi, and Mikawa.

In the third year of Eiroku (1560), Imagawa Yoshimoto led a large army of 15,000 in the direction of Kyoto. However, along the way, while resting at Okehazama in Owari province, Oda Nobunaga made a surprise attack, and Yoshimoto was killed in the battle.

Over the next nine years of Tokugawa and Takeda invasions, the Imagawa clan would perish.